5 famous men with unusual appearance won the hearts of millions of fans

The famous and the weird are a very original combination. Such men are loved, hated, adored and feared. The most famous and the most unusual. has selected the most striking characters – men who are considered different.

Jason Momoa

This handsome man is famous for his role in the movie “Game of Thrones”, where he played a wild, brutal man. His body is excellent, both in movies and in real life. Jason looks unusual: a pumped up body, a wolfish look, long hair. His image gives goosebumps, although in fact he is an exemplary family man and a wonderful father.

Zombie Boy Rick Genest

The Canadian became famous for his zombie image. His body is full of creepy tattoos and piercings. He loves to appear in public and enjoy the attention. No matter how creepy it may seem, girls like it.


Marilyn Manson

This artist inspires someone, but frightens someone. He has the energy of a real bad guy and a rocker. But this does not prevent him from enjoying the company of wonderful fans.


Benedict Cumberbatch

What’s wrong with it? Perhaps his self-criticism. Benedict believes that he looks like an otter and is very surprised when he finds out about female sympathies in his direction. So that he doesn’t think there for himself, the ladies like him.


Adrian Brody

This celebrity is also not endowed with a model appearance: a long nose, a sad expression, a sharp chin. But this did not stop Brody from breaking women’s hearts and enjoying life to the fullest.


JoInfoMedia journalist Lesya Melnik invites you to get acquainted with the rating of the most desirable men in 2017.

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