A fun quiz about the stars: interesting facts about the most famous artists

How well do you know the stars? Russian, Ukrainian or foreign? invites you to take our test and test your strength by answering only “true” or “false” statements.

Funny test about stars

When a statement / fact about a particular star appears on the screen, you just need to mentally answer whether it is true or not.

You need to calculate your result in your head or write it down on paper. After that, we invite you to share your results in the comments to find out how much, in comparison with other fans, you know the stars.

Our favorites include Timati and his tattoos, Nicolas Cage and his love of exotic animals, Sergey Zverev and his military background, Jeremy Renner and his career before acting, Taylor Lautner and his athletic achievements.

Check yourself how skillfully you can handle the simplest questions!

We will remind, earlier we also offered you to test yourself on the knowledge of the capitals of the world. Rumor has it that if you do not pry, then only geographers and geniuses will be able to pass the test.

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