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Agnia Ditkovskite Tattoos

The popularity of tattoos among the stars is growing every year. Often, the owners of images on the body post photos of fresh tattoos or even the process itself. One of the most mysterious tattoo owners is Agnia Ditkovskite. Fans of the young beautiful actress and singer carefully collect the meager information that leaks from the movie star and her entourage.

All of Agnia Ditkovskite’s tattoos were discovered from random photos.

    1. The actress has two tattoos on the inside of her right arm. A circular pattern with intertwined faces inside and next to a small red star.

On the inside of the hand of Agnia Ditkovskitetatu in the form of two faces in a circle

    1. A Japanese character is depicted on the lower leg of the left leg.

A Japanese character is depicted on the lower leg of the left leg.

    1. On the back of the right foot is a symbol from Japanese calligraphy. It was made after breaking up with her husband Alexei Chadov. There is an opinion that Agnia Ditkovskite made both tattoos on her legs in connection with pregnancy.

On the back of the right foot of Agniya is a symbol from Japanese calligraphy.

    1. While on a joint vacation with her husband, the actress posted on Instagram a photo in a swimsuit, which shows that she has an inscription on her right leg. It is impossible to disassemble it, and Agnia herself did not react in any way to the interest of the public.

On the right leg of the actress there is an inscription

    1. There is a drawing on the left side.

There is a tattoo on the left side

    1. On the back of the girl’s neck there is an image in the Japanese style. The first photo of this tattoo of Agnia Ditkovskite was posted by her husband while on a joint vacation.

On the back of the girl's neck is an image of a girl in a frame in Japanese style

    1. One of the fresh photos shows that an inscription appeared next to the tattoo on the arm.

Tattoo on the arm with the inscription and on the leg

The actress refuses to comment on her tattoos and reveal their meaning. According to her, it is very personal and she does not want to reveal it. The star is very superstitious and afraid to tell such intimate things. The only thing that is known for certain is that each tattoo has a deep meaning for its owner.


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