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Alexey Vorobyov’s tattoos

The body of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contestant is decorated with two small tattoos. The first tattoo of Alexei Vorobyov has a philosophical character and means “Glory is in the hands of labor.” The author of this saying is Leonardo da Vinci. The inscription itself is made in English – Glory is in the hands of labor. According to the star, this is his life credo, the basis of his success.

Tattoo of Alexei Vorobyov on the wrist with the inscription in English

The second tattoo by Alexei Vorobyov is on the neck, under the left ear. The tattoo was also made in the form of an inscription in English. The inscription reads – “sex + love = trouble”. What prompted Alexey Vorobyov to get this tattoo – the star keeps a secret. Perhaps this is the reason – Victoria Deyneko, who, in turn, after meeting with Alexei in the cinema after their breakup, the next day tattooed “AB” on her wrist – the initials of the singer. But these are only guesses of the “Bachelor” fans.


The inscription on the neck of Alexei Vorobyov

In general, Alexey is quite scrupulous about decorating his body with tattoos. He believes that they need to be done correctly, they should not spoil the image and interfere with work. So, in one of the films where Alexei Vorobyov played a peasant, he had to sketch his tattoo on his wrist so that his image corresponded to reality.

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