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Alice Milano’s tattoos

The star of American TV shows, Alice Milano, has a reputation as a tattoo lover. Fans of the actress are keenly interested in her every step. For Milano, a tattoo is not only a body decoration, but also an attempt to reflect one’s essence. To date, Alissa already has eight tattoos. Part of the tattoo contains a religious meaning. The girl is interested in world religions, the philosophy of Buddhism, is fond of astrology and talismans.

Alice Milano got her first tattoo in her youth. The drawing is embossed on the belly in the form of a fairy with flowers. Tattoo has a deep sacred meaning and determines the power of fate. She is very rarely seen in photographs.

Alice Milano tattoo on her stomach with a picture of a fairy with flowers

Alice’s love for the rosary is known. Her right shoulder blade is full of rosary tattoo… This image reflects the fundamental values ​​in the life of the actress and what the girl considers the most important in life.

On the back of his neck, Milano has a tattoo that looks like a hieroglyph, but in fact it is one of the sounds of the Buddhist religion – “Hum”. It is a syllable from the main mantras “Om mani padme hum”… The tattoo symbolizes the unity of spirit and the practice of life. Perhaps Alissa wanted to show that in life situations she prefers to act deliberately rather than spontaneously. Alice Milano is happy to showcase this tattoo in the photo.

Alice Milano tattoo on the shoulder blade with the image of a rosary and a cross

On the left wrist, the star has a tattoo depicting the symbol “Om” from the same Buddhist prayer. The drawing is stuffed in honor of Alissa’s first husband. Tattoo is all that remains of the actress’s marriage. The marriage broke up in the fall of the same year, when the drawing on the body was created.

Milano’s right wrist has a tattoo of a snake biting its own tail. The star is proud of this tattoo. Having played the role of a witch in the TV series Charmed, the actress became interested in mysticism. Alyssa traveled to southern Africa, where she volunteered and treated sick children in a hospital. For this she received the award “Salvation of the World by One Heart”. There she actively delved into the essence of all kinds of tribal rituals and made herself this tattoo. A snake in this form is considered a symbol of the continuity of the existence of life on earth, bringing rebirth or rebirth.

The origin of this symbol is Ancient Egypt. There is a legend about a snake that eats the growing part of its tail. Due to this, the creature lives forever.

According to Alissa, a tattoo means infinity. Fans have questions about this tattoo. The actress is a Buddhist. And in this religion there is the concept of the wheel of Samsara. It is considered a symbol of human rebirth. If you go beyond the ring, then nirvana is achieved. And the closer you get to the middle of the ring, the further you are from understanding the meaning of life. In the center of the wheel is a snake, which in Buddhism plays the role of an evil symbol that interferes with human development. Why Milano chose such a tattoo for herself remains a mystery.

Alyssa Milano has a flower wreath tattoo on her right ankle, which looks very cute in the photo.

On the star’s left ankle, there is a tattoo of an angel holding a cross with the letters SWR. These are the initials of a former lover. After breaking off the engagement with him, Milano did not remove the tattoo. The star herself jokes that now the tattoo symbolizes a lonely redhead woman.

Alice Milano's tattoo on her right hand with the image of the Buddhist sign Om

Another Alissa’s tattoo symbolizes the romance of nature, faith in true love and femininity. This tattoo looks like sacred hearts and is stuffed on the buttocks.
In 2004, thanks to her tattoos, Alyssa Milano received the title “Most Popular Tattooed Woman on Earth”.

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