“All in the father”: Vladimir and Nikita Presnyakovs showed brand new tattoos

Vladimir Pesnyakov decided to mark his new status twice as a father with a tattoo on his hands. As a tattoo, he chose a huge drawing on the whole hand. Previously, the artist’s body was decorated with a small drawing, but now, thanks to the painstaking work of the master, a complex black and white ornament with a skull and an inscription in Latin flaunts on his hand.

Vladimir boasted of his new tattoo, first on Instagram, and then while participating in a television show. Around the same time, his eldest son Nikita Presnyakov surprised the readers of the photoblog with his new underwear pattern.

It seems that the son and the father have similar tastes. Nikita filled himself with a symbol of wisdom – an owl sitting on a heart in the form of a keyhole. True, the guy got a color tattoo. What exactly he wanted to say with a drawing, Presnyakov Jr. did not elaborate. The guy got his first tattoo in February of this year, and he dreamed about this event for 10 long years.

Earlier it became known that Nikita Presnyakov, together with his mother Kristina Orbakaite, went to audition for the shooting in the continuation of the saga of midshipmen. They were also joined by a colleague and also actor Dima Bilan.

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