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Anchor tattoo meaning

Values: loyalty, luck, hope, safety, salvation

The meaning of the anchor tattoo goes back several thousand years.… It retains its popularity from the days of the early pirates to today’s US Marines and Coast Guard. Anchor tattoos are mostly used by people whose life or work is closely or partially related to the seas and oceans. It was accepted as a symbol of love for the sea by thousands of sailors and pirates. In general, the meaning of an anchor tattoo is hope, safety, salvation, strength and caution, luck and loyalty, stability and self-confidence.… Anchor tattoos are often tattooed by sailors after crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

In Renaissance art, the anchor was often depicted along with the dolphin as two opposites: the dolphin is a symbol of speed and playfulness, and the anchor is inhibition and validity. Also, the anchor can be an artistic tribute to some marine inhabitants or deities.

The upper part of the anchor often resembles a cross, so it has some connection with the Christian religion. The anchor became one of the first symbolic signs of the early Christians; it was often depicted on tombstones and in the catacombs. And it symbolized, first of all, the hope of Christians for salvation, as the anchor is the support of the ship in the sea, and hope is the support of the human soul in the sea of ​​hardships and suffering. The image of the anchor is already present in the letters of the Apostle Paul to the Jews. Later, the anchor, as a symbol of safety, became the emblem of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

In Egyptian art, the anchor is presented as a symbol of the universe, unification or intersection of the masculine and feminine principles.

In many countries of the world, especially the Mediterranean, the anchor was associated with images of sea gods:

– Neptune – the Roman god of the sea (Poseidon in Greece).

– Amphitrites – Greek goddess who protects sailors and gives birth to dolphins.

– Triton – a mythological deity half – human, half – fish.

– Varuna – the Hindu sea god, who, according to legend, took under his wing the people who died in the sea.

The anchor tattoo has become very popular in the West over the past two hundred years. For sailors, it has become a symbol that helps them stay on track and protects them from strong winds and stormy sea currents.… The anchor is often used in the national symbols of many coastal countries. Anchor tattoo is ideal for people who love water and sailing or are looking for some refuge in the sea of ​​life.

In Indian divination cards (mantica), the anchor has become a symbol of an unexpected obstacle that can cause a stop in business.

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