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Anesthesia before tattooing. Minuses

Tattoo anesthesia. Each person has a different pain threshold.Pain – This is a natural feeling when applying a tattoo. Not everyone is able to withstand this pain, so what if the pain seems unbearable? Anesthesia before tattooing can help with this problem.

Anesthesia before the tattoo. Minuses

  • As soon as the anesthesia wears off, it will hurt you more. And after the action of the remedy has passed, you will all feel the disturbed receptors.
  • The color of the tattoo can also change, since the substances that are part of the anesthesia affect the pigment.
  • Longer tattoo healing.
  • Allergy.
  • The pain reliever makes the skin coarser and less elastic.

How long should the pain reliever be kept before tattooing?

Each drug has its own time, so do not be lazy to read the instructions before use.

Consequences of anesthesia with a tattoo

Anesthesia can cause allergies or toxic reactions. That is why do not use or apply the drug after its expiration date. Use only proven products.

But still, despite the fact that there is a way to reduce or eliminate pain, try not to use this method, since everyone can endure this pain. Try to calm down, relax, and not screw yourself up. And then you will get a more pleasant experience from the process. Think good, don’t panic. Go boldly to your dream.

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