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Angel tattoo meaning

Values: love, spirituality, faith, protection, order

In modern tattoo art, angels are quite common and in various senses. Now the meaning of an angel tattoo is not a purely religious symbol. This creature is associated with such categories as fantasy, love and is present in memorable tattoos.

Angels are humanoid, winged creatures who are considered messengers of the Lord, as carriers or embodiment of the sacred divine will… Most often, angels are portrayed as handsome, tall youths with long hair and wings, dressed in a white guise.

The image of wondrous messengers, as mediators between the material and spiritual worlds, is present in a number of world religions: in Islam, in the Jewish religion, and especially in Christianity.

Angels are often found on the pages of the Bible, and play there the role of not only messengers, but also the protection or punishment given by God for a person. According to Christianity, each person is also assigned his own guardian angel, who guards, protects a person from birth itself until the end of earthly life. Even in the Christian religion, there are seven archangels – angels of the highest order: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sariel, Jeremiel, Raguel. Each of them has its own special meaning, image and certain power.

  • Michael (called the archangel) acts as the head of the entire angelic host, companion and patron of the militant church. Typically depicted with a sword in hand.
  • Gabriel is an experience of paradise, a helper of people and a leader over spirits. This angel is the evangelist, most often depicted with a lily flower.
  • Raphael is the ruler of human thought and a healer. Patron saint of travel and medicine.
  • Uriel is considered to be the angel who rules over the heavenly bodies.
  • Sariel is a tamer of spirits that tempt people to sin. According to the book, Enoch is the ruler “over the souls of the sons of men.”
  • Jeremiel is an archangel overseeing the resurrection of the dead.
  • Raguel is an archangel who punishes the world of the luminaries.

The winged messenger gods were also known in Egyptian culture.

The image of Cupid (or Cupid) – a curly-haired angel with a golden bow and arrows, originates from the famous Greco-Roman mythology. Cupid was a god who caused or destroyed love between people on earth. He could reward with real, pure, mutual love and could punish with unrequited passion. They began to depict him only during the Renaissance.

There are also known images of the so-called fallen angels who went over to serve the devil, and therefore became a symbol of betrayal, infidelity and evil. They have lost their beautiful appearance and wander in heaven, like the servants of Satan.

As a conclusion, we can say that the meaning of an angel tattoo is quite complex, but reasonableThe bright angel symbolizes protection, divinity, the pursuit of order, inspiration and spirituality, love and faith.

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