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Are there temporary tattoos? Types of temporary tattoos

Remember once and for all that temporary tattoos do not exist… They won’t be gone in a year or five years the tattoo stays until the end your life… No matter how your friends convince you or, even worse, the masters of tattoo parlors, do not believe in any case.

ABOUT temporary tattoos, as a rule, are spoken by inexperienced or unclaimed masters, because for the master there is no particular risk, since such grief of the master does not linger in one place. Thanks to such beliefs, you can make good money.

The pigment is hammered with a special machine under the skin of a person, which does not wash off or rub off, so stop believing in this myth.

Despite the fact that there are no temporary tattoos, there are designs that are applied to the skin, which is why they came to be called temporary. As a rule, they remain on the skin for one to two weeks, sometimes up to a month. These drawings include: henna, glitter, airbrushing, stickers

Henna or Mehndi (Hindi) – the so-called Indian tattoos, which are applied in the form of a pattern. After application, henna dries and falls off, leaving black, white or brown dye on the skin. This pattern remains on the skin from two weeks to a month, after which it is gradually washed off with water.

Glitter – such a tattoo is done with glue and glitter or paint. The desired pattern is applied to the skin using glue, after which glitters are applied to the glue. Such a tattoo crumbles very quickly.

Airbrushing – It is done with a stencil and a spray. The desired stencil is applied to a specific area of ​​the body, after which dark paint is sprayed over the stencil using a spray gun. This tattoo is not cheap and only lasts 1-2 days.

Stickers or translation – This tattoo is the cheapest, from 50 rubles and more. The size of such tattoos is different, they can be both very small and on the whole back.… Typically, such a tattoo lasts from 7 to 14 days. Tattoo sketches can be made on individual requests. Translation provides a good opportunity to “try on” a future tattoo. Externally, the stickers are very similar to real tattoos, so they look good on the body… They are harmless, as they are water-based

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