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Barcode tattoo meaning

Values: memory, fear, style, originality, protest

The barcode as a drawing for a tattoo appeared in this art relatively recently, therefore it is considered one of the newest and most popular tattoo designs. And every day the number of those who want to stuff a barcode on their body is increasing, therefore, its popularity is constantly growing.

In fact, the familiar, linear barcode, which looks like a sequence of black and white stripes of different widths, is a system for presenting information for reading by special scanners. At the bottom of the stripes, as a rule, there are numbers. Today, the barcode is found on all products that can be bought, and carries certain information about the product, for example, the place and date of its production, price, etc.

But in principle, absolutely any information can be encoded into a linear barcode, but of a limited amount. In this case, the meaning of the tattoo barcode will completely depend on the meaning of the information encoded in it, which can be read using a scanner, even in a store. Often, when applying a barcode, their date of birth or some symbols that are significant to a person: numbers or letters are used as the numbers below.

On the other hand, a barcode tattoo can be some kind of challenge to the consumer society.… A sign of the identification of a person as a person and a protest against the formation of the same type of human biomass, a protest against the views on a person as a commodity. This is a sign of separation from mass culture and the desire to preserve their own individuality. Or, such a tattoo can be a warning that if we humans are not careful and cultured, then we may soon become an object of trade ourselves.

The meaning of a barcode tattoo can be different. So for the actor Pavel Priluchny, the barcode with the inscription “DOC” became a reminder of his role in the film “On the Game”, which brought him popularity, and gradually became part of Pavel’s individual style.

The most popular places for barcode tattooing are the back of the neck (like a hitman, hitman) and the wrist. The recently appeared QR code is often used, from which information is read using digital cameras. Sometimes there are barcode tattoos that are visible only in ultraviolet light.

But the meaning of a tattoo barcode is not always positive.… Here it is necessary to remember the possible danger of a barcode on the human body. The fact is that with the help of a barcode on the wrist and a microchip for each person, it is possible to establish control over the entire human society and voluntarily enslave the human mass for the formation of a world government. But this theory may turn out to be real in the future, but not today.

But in any case, a person needs to fully understand the essence of a tattoo and the reason for applying it for himself. After all, a barcode is one of those tattoos that are applied more to distinguish oneself from the crowd than to be beautiful.

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