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Cat tattoo meaning

Values: agility, independence, beauty, mystery

The meaning of a cat tattoo has a very rich and interesting backstory.

The image of a cat was very popular and revered both in ancient times and today. The image of a cat has retained its varied and multi-symbolism for many centuries. It combines in itself a lot of various symbols, sometimes even incompatible, because each of the existing or existing cultures gives the image of a cat its own meaning and special color.

The most revered image of the cat was in ancient Egypt. She was a representative of the feminine principle and a symbol of fertility and motherhood, and also acted as the guardian of the moon. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the cat was the conqueror of evil, so many goddesses were depicted as half or completely in the form of a cat. In addition, in ancient Egypt, cats were valued as jewelry, their export was prohibited, and the death penalty was the punishment for killing a cat. But over time, the cult of the cat among the Egyptians faded away, and as a result, the worship of cats was prohibited, it happened around 400 BC. e.

Also, this animal was sacred in Thailand – an illustration of this is the famous Siamese cat. In the culture of China and Japan, cats were the embodiment of good and your favorite pets. In Indian Buddhism, cats guarded temples.

In Europe, in different periods, the attitude towards these animals was different. A well-known image of the Norse goddess of love and beauty named Freyja, her chariot was pulled by two cats. In some countries, the cat, on the contrary, was scorned for its connection with the occult sciences and witches, was a symbol of bad luck and superstition… During the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church even called for the destruction of these animals; they were burned at the stake along with people accused of witchcraft. But after the plague epidemic that swept Europe in the 14th century, due to the large number of rats, cats began to return, and the attitude towards them improved.

The sailors had a cat a symbol of good luck, she was taken on board as a valuable member of the crew. In any case, cats at all times evoked a special attitude towards themselves among all domestic animals. This fact is confirmed by many legends, stories and cults associated with them, which arose among different peoples at different times.

The cat attracts a lot of attention due to its unique qualities: agility, independence, speed, keen hearing and gaze, secrecy and mystery. A little later, the cat became a symbol of beauty and grace in modern times, as well as femininity and mystery.

With the advent of tattoo art, the cat has become a permanent and popular way to tattoo. The cat, the meaning of the image of which has been formed and saturated for centuries, is an ideal symbol for body drawings, and is very actively used, especially by women.

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