Meanings of tattoos

Celtic tattoo meaning

Values: strength, perfection, infinity, spirituality

Ornaments and knots of the ancient Celts in some way imitate the weaving of fabrics, baskets, braids. This process still has some similarities with witchcraft work, because many witches manipulate energy flows, seeing them as intertwining threads. Celtic designs can often include symbolic images of animals, plants, gods, birds, and people. So that they can be used in magical practice.

The meaning of the Celtic designs of tattoos completely coincides with the meaning of these designs in other kinds of activities of the ancient Celts. The Celts, as a people striving to improve and decorate their lives, used similar drawings and patterns with their special meaning for stone carving, decoration of armor and weapons of warriors, clothes, dishes and other things.

The Celtic pattern is woven from individual knots, the structure and shape of which has never changed, it was believed that the main knots were sent by the gods. The knot is woven from one single thread – the thread of life, that is, the path of life, and the main meaning of a tattoo of Celtic patterns is expressed in the display of a life path map on the human bodywhich he must or can go through.

The Celts believed that human life, and life, in general, is endless. The Celts did not believe in death, but believed in rebirth and rebirth. Therefore, all Celtic maps of the paths are made in such a way that they have neither beginning nor end, and symbolize the infinity of being.

Celtic ornaments, as part of art, began to take shape with the beginning of the adoption of Christianity. In ancient manuscripts, monks used them to help the reader in his inner search for spirituality. The most common form of patterns in such manuscripts is the labyrinth. These labyrinths lead a person to the center of concentration of living energies. They symbolize continuity and express the connectedness of all things in the universe. Labyrinths can often be a source of strength in meditation.

If there is a spiral in the ornament, it always protrudes symbol of spiritual growth… The spirals of the Celts are usually triple, they express the trinity of the spirit concentrated at one point. Later, this was also expressed in the Christian tradition in the image of the holy trinity.

Studying these patterns, you can see how unique the Celts are, and how rich and mysterious their culture is. Celtic design is able to combine the deepest special meaning and incredible beauty of the image.

They knew that the human spirit is a particle of the world spirit, and through many deaths and rebirths he can come or approach divine perfection.


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