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Chris Evans is a popular American actor and audience favorite. The love of self-expression through tattoos touched him, like many other stars. Tattoos add brutality to the actor without making him a bad guy. They look elegant and modest, complementing an impressive athletic figure. Chris Evans’ tattoos have deep connotations and are not made for nothing. There are six of them in total.

Despite his wild popularity, the actor remains modest and shy, loyal to his family and his principles. Each of the tattoos emphasizes these character traits and reflects his attitude towards life.

    1. The actor has a tattoo on his right shoulder that looks like the letter A. This image appeared first on the body of the star. It symbolizes connection with family, reverent attitude towards close people.

On the actor's right shoulder, a sign similar to the letter A

    1. On the left shoulder there is a tattoo that symbolizes the zodiac sign of Chris’ mother. According to him, this is his favorite and dearest tattoo to his heart.

On the left shoulder there is a tattoo, symbolizing the zodiac sign of Chris' mother.

    1. The inscription on the shoulder of the right hand, located above the symbol of the family, translates into Russian as “Loyalty”. The actor believes that this is an important quality for a man. Considers it wrong to scatter people and betray them.

The inscription on the shoulder of the right hand is translated as

    1. On the right side of the actor’s torso there is an inscription, translated into Russian, meaning “In memory of Bradley, forever with me.” The phrase is dedicated to a close friend of Chris who died in a car accident in November 2003, Matt Bradley.

an inscription in translation meaning

    1. During the period of creative rise and dawn of popularity, it was difficult for the actor to cope with the sudden fame and continue working. His passion for Buddhism helped him. In 2011, Chris got a tattoo in the form of an inscription with a quote from this teaching as a symbol of peace, balance.

Inscriptions on the chest of a man

    1. Chris Evans is not the only child in the family, he has two sisters (Seanna and Carly) and a brother Scott. In honor of them, the actor made a tattoo on the ankle in the form of the first letters of their names – “SCS”.

ankle tattoo in the form of the first letters of the names of the sisters -

All of Chris Evans’ tattoos reflect his amazing affection for family, benevolence, masculinity, and loyalty.

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