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Compass tattoo meaning

Values: loyalty, life, protection, purpose, dedication, path

Images of compasses are not often used in tattoo art, but they are far from meaningless tattoos.

Most often, you can find tattoos with the following types of compasses: the Feng Shui compass Lo Pan, the Viking rune compass and the usual magnetic compass familiar to everyone. Next, we will consider each of them, and determine the symbolic meaning of the compass tattoo for each of the cases.

Luo Pan is a well-known symbol and an integral part of the Chinese art of Feng Shui. It is very difficult to understand the purpose and use of this compass in Feng Shui, because it consists of thirty-six concentric circles, which are separated by twenty-four rays emanating from the center. This compass is more like a grid, and each of its sectors carries some information about the object of study. Its main purpose is to compile geomantic tables. Therefore, as a Feng Shui tattoo, it will never be forgotten.

The next compass is runic, this is a very ancient magical tattoo, which consists of ancient Scandinavian runes collected in a circle. It is believed that this tattoo allows a person feel your inner compass and find the right path… Whether this is the way home, or the life of a person, such an amulet does not allow its wearer to get lost… The compass includes several sea runes, so such an item was an obligatory attribute on a Viking ship and on the body of sailors. And the Vikings or Varangians (as they were called in Russia) were noble sailors and often fought at sea, and when the soldiers fell into the fog, they were drawn by just such a compass, drawn on their foreheads with coal.

And finally, the usual compass, which was the first invented by the Chinese for finding a way and navigating the terrain. But over time, the compass has improved and has become much more than just a pathfinder. He began to be perceived as a symbol. He is a pointer to all eight cardinal points. It symbolizes space, time and movement in them, suitable for those who like to travel or study geography and maps.

From the Middle Ages to the present, the compass tattoo was especially popular among sailors, because their life and fate completely depended on the compass, and if the compass was lost or broken, the ship and crew remained helpless at sea. Therefore, sailors made such a tattoo with the hope of finding their way and returning home. Today such a tattoo is done as a symbol. balance and certainty

The meaning of a compass tattoo can express constancy and fidelity., there is a proverb “Faithful to the pole as a compass needle.” Loyalty to one’s principles and ideals, not deviating from one’s course and pole, achieving goals at any cost. So far, no negative symbolism has been observed around the compass tattoo.

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