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Dandelion tattoo meaning

Values: beauty, sadness, lightness, positive, coquetry, bitterness

Choosing a flower tattoo is very difficult due to the huge assortment and variety of flower meanings. But dandelion can still attract attention due to its simplicity and singularity.

The meaning of a dandelion tattoo is quite simple and specific, like the flower itself. For girls who want to fill themselves with a flower, a dandelion can become a symbol of playfulness and coquetry.… He embodies breathless lightness and spring freshness of the soul. This tattoo is ideal for positive and cheerful girls.

And for people looking for a deeper meaning and symbolic essence of the flower it can mean sadness and sorrow… Firstly, because it tastes very bitter, but healthy, and secondly, in some Christian countries, it has become the emblem of the Passion of Christ. He is often present in the paintings and art of Dutch creators on the scenes of the crucifixion, capturing forever in himself all the horror and terrible pain of the Savior’s torment.

And its seeds, flying away from the light breath of the wind, remind romantics of the transience and decay of human life

This flower retains its beauty and perfection at all periods of its short life, during the flowering period it is bright and incredibly beautiful, but when it blooms, its seeds form a beautiful, light sphere on the stem, which then tragically crumbles from the wind that carries the seeds to all ends of the earth. therefore the meaning of a dandelion tattoo embodies the desire to never grow old and not lose your real beauty, and then, having gone all the way to the end, leave many traces on the earth, memory and memories for yourself, leave the continuation of your kind and your serene life.

Sometimes dandelion is called “Flower of the Sun”, for its bright color and shape, and belongs to the list of flowers that literally radiate joy and joy. In all its strength, it remains very fragile and graceful, therefore it can become a sign of innocent beauty and female chastity.

Dandelion is often used in European cuisine and folk medicine, as well as traditionally in Israel, because it has unique taste and healing qualities.

In general, whatever the qualities and attributes of a flower, the meaning of his tattoo for you is primarily determined by your personal attitude to this simple and unusual flower miracle.

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