David Beckham: the son of a famous football player got a tattoo in honor of his mother

Following the star father of footballer David Beckham, 18-year-old Brooklyn is getting more and more tattoos. The young man proudly rolled up the sleeve of his T-shirt as he strolled through Los Angeles, showing off his fresh mom tattoo in honor of Victoria Beckham, writes

Brooklyn Beckham showed off the tattoo while walking in Los Angeles

Brooklyn Beckham showed off an interesting street style as he walked through Los Angeles at night. The young man put on a white T-shirt, the sleeves of which he prudently rolled up to show the world his tattoo, of which he is apparently very proud. Brooklyn Beckham donned short gray trousers, from under which gray socks were visible and complemented the whole look with simple black shoes.


Brooklyn Beckham got a tattoo in honor of his beloved mother Victoria on Sunday and cannot miss the opportunity to show it to everyone. The 18-year-old son of the famous football player is now dating the famous Hollywood actress Chloe Grace Moretz, who became famous for her role in the film “Kerry”, based on the book by Stephen King.

The son of a famous football player is very fond of tattoos


Brooklyn posted a snapshot with a new pattern on the body immediately after a photo of a tattoo dedicated to his father. In honor of the former lead singer of the legendary group Spice Girls, Brooklyn got a heart on the bicep with a short but meaningful inscription “Mom”. Roses curl around the heart on the tattoo.


In honor of the star father Brooklyn Beckham filled himself with the date of birth of David “1975”. This is not the first Brooklyn tattoo dedicated to the famous footballer. Earlier, the son of David and Victoria got a tattoo with the number 7 on his little finger, which symbolizes David’s number when he played for Manchester United


Brooklyn Beckham really loves tattoos. Since April 2017, the young man has regularly covered his body with various drawings. Brooklyn has a symbolic rose tattoo on her left side and an authentic camera on her arm.

Many Guinness records are also associated with tattoos. For example, 69-year-old woman broke the world record and became the most tattooed inhabitant of the Earth… The pensioner says that she has always been crazy about tattoos.

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