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David Beckham’s tattoos

The love of the famous football player David Beckham for tattoos is known to everyone. There are about 40 tattoos on his body.


The football star’s neck is covered with 4 tattoos. The phrase “Pretty Lady” is dedicated to a little daughter and was made quite recently. Below is the name of his favorite four-year-old baby Harper. The inscriptions are made in a beautiful flowery font in the same style.

David Beckham's neck tattoo with the phrase

The back of David Beckham’s photo features tattoos with a cross with wings and the name of his second son “Romeo”.

Back of David Beckham's neck tattoo depicting a cross with wings

The son’s name appeared immediately after his appearance in 2002 thanks to tattoo artist Louis Malloy from Manchester. The cross with wings appeared a year later and it is the work of the same master. He flew to Madrid on purpose to create this religious-themed image to serve as a mascot for the footballer’s children.


The back became the first part of the body on which David Beckham got a tattoo. For the first time, the football legend went under the needle in 1999. He made a Gothic inscription on his tailbone with the name of the first child “Brooklyn”.

On David's tailbone tattoo with the name of the firstborn

In 2000, an image of a guardian angel was made on the back, designed to watch over and protect his son. In the future, the drawing was finalized, wings appeared.

In 2005, the football legend had a third son. This event was reflected on David’s body in the form of a tattoo of the name “Cruz” below the angel, written in the Gothic style.

David's back is tattooed with the name

There are two compositional tattoos on David Beckham’s chest. A religious painting with Jesus and three cherubs was created in 2010 by the popular tattoo artist Mark Mahony. The image symbolizes the footballer himself and his sons. The masterpiece took 6 hours to create.

David Beckham's chest tattoo with Jesus and three cherubs

On the right side of the chest is a stunning, well-drawn picture of a girl in the forest. The meaning of this tattoo is unknown.

Tattoos on the chest and arms of a football player

In 2010, a Chinese phrase appeared on the left along the ribs. In translation, the thought sounds like “Death and life are determined by you. Wealth and reverence depend on heaven. “

David Beckham has a Chinese phrase written along his ribs

On the right side of the footballer’s ribs there is a grieving Jesus made in the form of a copy of Matthew Brooks’ Catholic icon “The Man of Suffering”. The tattoo is dedicated to his beloved grandfather Joe West, who passed away in 2009.

The grieving Jesus is depicted on the right side of the football player's ribs.

Left hand

A painting of the Renaissance era of Cupid and Psyche by artist Francesco Raibolini has been recreated on the shoulder. There is one significant difference from the original, on the body of the football player Psyche is covered with a scarf. The image is dedicated to the love of art, inspiration.

David Beckham with many tattoos

Below is a rim of 10 roses. The image was taken in honor of the 10th wedding anniversary with Victoria.

On the outside of the forearm is a portrait of Victoria’s Wife as Brigitte Bordeaux. The work cost the footballer 5 thousand dollars. The photo of the wife from the magazine, where she was on the cover in 2004, was taken as a basis. The tattoo itself was applied in 2007. Later it was supplemented with the words “This woman belongs to me, and I to her” in Hebrew. Mrs. Beckham has the same words. Also next to the portrait of Victoria is the inscription “Forever by your side”, in Russian “Always on your side”.

David's tattoos on both armsTattoo in the form of a girl

On the inside, the name Victoria is tattooed in honor of his wife in Hindi. The inscription was made in 2000. The wife has an overlapping tattoo with her husband’s initials “DB”.

On the inside of the arm a tattoo with the name of the wife in Hindi

Below the name of his beloved wife in 2003 is the phrase “I love and cherish”, executed in Latin “Ut Amem Et Foveam”.

Tattoo on David's arms

On the back of the hand there is an image of a swallow and the word “Love”, dedicated to the birth of a daughter.

On the back of the hand there is an image of a swallow and the word

Also next to the swallow there is an inscription “Lead with love” (translated into Russian “Love is leading me”) and the number 723, uniting its command numbers 7 and 23.

David Beckham's entire left arm in tattoos

Right hand

Inside the forearm, the footballer got a tattoo with his lucky seven in 2002, under which he successfully played for Manchester United and the English national team.

David Beckham

In 2003, the Latin word “Perfectio In Spiritu” was tattooed under the seven (meaning “Spiritual perfection” in Russian).

Hands with tattoos

The shoulder of the football legend in 2004 was adorned with the image of the inscription with the phrase “In the Face of Adversity” (translated into Russian “Before the face of danger”). The appearance of a tattoo coincides with a suspicion of cheating on his wife with an assistant. According to the footballer, he thus reflects feelings and emotions.

On the right shoulder there is an angel and the inscription

In 2006, the Beckham spouses tattooed identical tattoos with the date 05/08/2006 and the Latin words “De Integro” (translated into Russian “Again from the beginning”).

On his shoulder, David depicted angels and words in Hebrew, marking his Jewish roots. In Russian, the first entry means “My son, do not forget your father’s teaching, keep my decrees deep in your heart.” The second translates as “Let them hate while they are afraid.”

On David's hand there are angels and words in Hebrew

Next to the angel is a drawing of two cherubs, symbolizing his firstborn.

David Beckham with tattoo on his arms

Clouds are depicted below the angel to complement the composition.

“Pray for me” is associated with David Beckham’s transfer to LA Galaxy in 2007.

David Beckham with his wife Victoria

There are three tattoos on the back of the hand. Victoria’s name in calibri. Number 99 is associated with the date of the wedding of the spouses. Also in the photo of David Beckham you can see the tattoo of the inscription “Dream big, be unrealistic”, translated into Russian means “Dream grandiose and do not be realistic.”

On David's hand, his wife's name and a phrase in English

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