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Deer tattoo meaning

Values: strength, beauty, freedom, nobility, pity

In the art of tattooing, a deer is always a kind, positive symbol. Since ancient times, these wonderful animals have aroused admiration and respect among people of different nations, amazed with their beauty and strength.

The meaning of a deer tattoo often expresses and symbolizes masculine strength, noble loneliness, is a characteristic sign of wanderers and travelers.

The deer tattoo also has some mystical background. He is often identified with the Tree of Life, and if he is drawn in a battle with a snake, he symbolizes the forces of good in the eternal struggle of opposites. The deer trampling the snake with its feet symbolizes the victory of good over evil, the triumph of spirit over matter. In myths and stories, the deer was very often a good messenger of the gods. Even in the Christian religion there is a story about a deer with a cross between the horns, which was the incarnation and sign of God. In the Bible, there are analogies between deer thirsty for water and human souls thirsty for the light of truth, God’s enlightenment. A male deer is often depicted on baptismal fonts, as a symbol of divine reverence. Native American cultural tattoo interprets the branchy antlers of a deer into the sacred Tree of Life, naming this beast a symbol of the sun and the cyclical nature of being. The deer is, without a doubt, a kind symbol, he associated with feelings of love and pity, helps to heal wounds and find true love

In ancient Greek and Roman cultural traditions, the deer was a symbol and attribute of Artemis (Diana). Among the Scandinavian peoples, the skin of a deer was often required for sacred shamanic rituals. And the rare reindeer for the Scandinavians is a symbol of the Great Mother Isa. In the culture of the mysterious Mayan tribes, the deer was the prototype of the god Tahil, who patronized the hunt, large-scale and cruel sacrifices were dedicated to him.

In the traditional tattoo of the ancient Celts, the deer was considered one of the most ancient animals on earth, so it meant longevity and rebirth. In medieval Europe, he was a sign of strength and justice. In China, historically, the deer has been treated as a symbol of abundance, it brings wealth and good luck. For the Japanese, the white deer is a symbol of longevity and wisdom.The deer has a rare grace and beauty, which is perhaps why it is often associated with poetry, music and the arts, as is the meaning of the pegasus tattoo. Sharp hearing and attentiveness of this beast made him a model of caution and self-confidence. And the periodic change of antlers in a deer is identified with rebirth and rebirth.

A deer tattoo can be a good guide (as in myths) along the path of life. Express calmness and self-confidence of the wearer, betray him to the image originality originality… More suitable for men, but women also often choose a female deer as a means of personal expression.

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