Demi Lovato got a new tattoo: to whom did the singer dedicated the body drawing

Famous American singer Demi Lovato shared a touching moment with her Instagram followers. The singer of the hit “Sorry not sorry” showed a tattoo, which she dedicated to a loved one – great-grandmother, writes

Demi Lovato dedicated a tattoo to her late great-grandmother

American singer and songwriter Demi Lovato has been increasingly surprising fans lately. First, the star went to the hospital, and later struck the audience with a changed appearance. But it seems that the singer’s life began to improve and she happily demonstrates this in her personal microblog.

In a new publication, the performer showed a series of photographs that were taken in a tattoo parlor. Demi showed her fans a tattoo, which she filled in memory of her late great-grandmother. The body drawing, made on the singer’s left forearm, exactly repeats the photograph of a relative who died in May 2016.

A woman in a beautiful white dress complemented by a wide black sash smiles happily at the camera. “This is for you. You are 26 years old on my arm, and I am 26 now and forever. I love you even more” (translated from English – ed.), – said the singer in the caption to the photo. Demi thanked the artist who made her a memorable tattoo, and said that this is the best drawing on her body.

The fans of the star were very touched by such a tribute to the great-grandmother. They praise Lovato for doing this. “It’s so beautiful! She’s definitely proud of you”, “I’m proud of you. You look great and the tattoo is perfect”, “It’s very beautiful. Now she will always be with you” (translated from English. – Ed.), – admire the new tattoo of the singer.

Demi Lovato took the death of her great-grandmother very emotionally. The performer was very upset about her loss, like all her relatives. Perhaps this also influenced the fact that the singer was unable to overcome the addiction.

But now the star has pulled herself together and is trying in every possible way to return to normal life. Even though she scored a lot extra pounds during treatment, Demi is actively working on her figure and demonstrating results on the web.

Photo: Instagram / ddlovato

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