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Denis Nikiforov’s tattoos

Denis Nikiforov is a Russian actor who gained wide popularity after the film “Shadowboxing” and the TV series “Molodezhka”. The hero of the movie boxer has several tattoos on his body. They were made with temporary paint specifically for filming. However, the actor has several real tattoos.


At the moment, Denis Nikiforov has three tattoos, each of which is significant for the actor himself and opens the corners of his soul, showing life values.

    1. The most famous tattoo of Denis Nikiforov is the inscription “Save and Preserve” on the inside of his right arm. Its meaning speaks for itself, symbolizes faith, gratitude for everything. Means that God is always within. The inscription was made a long time ago, it was the first tattoo in the life of an actor.

Denis Nikiforov's tattoo of the inscription

    1. The actor has an ornament on the shoulder with the inscription “Skypirate”. The tattoo takes a lot of time, initially there was only a drawing, which was later supplemented with a phrase. The meaning is associated with the hobby of the movie star – he loves to jump with a parachute. He has a lot of jumps on his account, so the words are associated with him like a sky pirate. According to him, without adrenaline in the blood from the flight, he cannot exist.

On the actor's shoulder there is an ornament with the inscription

    1. In 2013, a happy event happened in the actor’s family life, he became the father of the twins Alexander and Veronica. In honor of this event, Denis Nikiforov made a tattoo on the inside of his left arm with the names of his children.

Tattoo on the inside of the left arm of Denis Nikiforov with the names of his children

Fans of the actor often use images from the body of a pet for their tattoos. Temporary tattoos from the film are also popular with them. For the actor himself, body images symbolize the most important moments in life.

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