Ekaterina Klimova on the beach in Israel showed a large tattoo on her thigh

Russian theater and film actress, romance performer Ekaterina Klimova once again showed fans her tattoo done on her thigh. The woman shared photos from her stay in Israel, reports.

A woman who is admired

The actress published photos in a swimsuit from a hot beach on her Instagram page. They show that Catherine is enjoying the rest to the fullest. A happy smile on your face leaves no doubt. Although in fact, in Israel, the actress and her colleagues are on a tour with the play “Conspiracy in English or A Glass of Water.”

Subscribers Ekaterina Klimova immediately drew attention to the excellent physical shape of the woman. The figure of a 40-year-old mother with many children would be the envy of many 20-year-old girls. Some fans even began to think that Catherine is a real witch and has some secret of youth.

Here’s what they wrote: “Well, please open your secret!”, “She’s definitely a witch and knows some old secret!” )) We are now bursting with envy “(Orph. And paragraphs. Authors saved, approx. Ed.).

Also in the last picture of the actress from the rest, a tattoo is clearly visible, which depicts an abstraction. Among the subscribers were those who were surprised to see such art. But fans of Catherine’s creativity, who have been with her for more than one year, know that the woman made her a long time ago. “Back in 2016, a mother of many children surprised everyone with a” new acquisition “” (Orph. And paragraph. Authors saved, approx. Ed.).

There were also those who appreciated the beautiful shape of the woman, but negatively perceived the tattoo. Such subscribers felt that Catherine should not have ruined such a beautiful body. “Ruined the body”, “Partak on such a body is superfluous!” (The spelling and paragraphs of the authors are preserved, Ed.), They wrote.

However, many, many comments indicate that those who admire incredible work actresses above themselves, more than critics. And they compliment her, saying that Catherine is an incredible woman. Raising four children, keeping up with your career and taking care of yourself is praiseworthy.

Photo: Instagram klimovagram

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