Elena Yakovleva with her son: the archival photo of the actress caused heated discussions on the web

Many fans of the famous Russian actress lament that her son is very overdone with tattoos and now looks pretty weird. Therefore, an archive photo of Elena Yakovleva with little Denis caused such a violent reaction on Instagram. learned what the artist’s fans were saying.

The son of Elena Yakovleva was a sweet child

The star of the Russian detective series “Kamenskaya” does not personally maintain a page on Instagram, so her fans have created a fan account, in which new and archived photographs of Elena Yakovleva are often published. The new publication shows a snapshot that was taken several years ago.

In the photo, Elena is captured with her son Denis, she hugs the guy by the shoulders and smiles happily at the camera. The young heir to the artist with snow-white hair and a perky smile aroused admiration among Yakovleva’s fans. They say that the guy was so charming and cute, and now he has changed dramatically.

And such changes do not win the approval of the fans of the actress. According to them, the tattoos spoiled the guy’s appearance, and he was very handsome as a child.

Photo: Instagram / victoria_photoo

“What a handsome boy, you must disfigure yourself, wanted to be different from others? He did it”, “What a handsome guy !!! What a pity that he did so many unnecessary manipulations with his body”, “And there was such a good boy … “,” A very handsome boy, it is a pity that he treated his appearance that way “(the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – editor’s note), say Elena’s fans.

But the actress, who is now 58 years old, received a lot of compliments from followers. They claim that Yakovleva is a very beautiful and talented woman and that she only gets better over the years.

By the way, Denis Shalnykh is the artist’s son, not so long ago became a bachelor… The guy’s family life ended a few months after the secret painting, which was not even attended by the groom’s mother.

Photo: Instagram / elenayakovleva_fan

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