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Eminem’s tattoos

The famous rapper Eminem has almost 10 tattoos. Each of them has a specific meaning. The only completely free space at the star is the back. According to him, he sees no reason to get a tattoo where you cannot admire it yourself.


In the area of ​​the navel near the Marshal there is an inscription “Rot in Pieces”, translated from English “Rotate in parts”. This tattoo of Eminem is addressed to his wife KIM, with whom he is in a difficult relationship and the rest of life’s troubles. In addition to the phrase on the belly, there is a grave with the inscription KIM on it.

Eminem's tattoo on his stomach with decay in parts and the grave

Left hand

The forearm of the left hand is adorned with a fly agaric skull composition with the words “Ronnie RIP”. Earlier on this place was the phrase “Slim Shady”, around which a new tattoo was applied. This happened after the suicide of his uncle Ronnie Pilkington in 1991, which meant a lot in the life of the star. The unique style of the image was chosen in memory of childhood and youth in a disadvantaged area, therefore, fly agaric, fire, buildings were used.

Eminem tattoo on the arm with the image of a fly agaric skull

On the wrist is an image of a Gothic Tribal bracelet, the meaning of which is a mystery to Eminem himself. According to him, he made it, being in the strongest alcoholic intoxication, and does not remember the meaning. The bracelet looks interesting and stylish. The Gothic style in images is often used to inject tattoos on the back or leg.

Eminem's tattoo on the wrist with the image of a gothic bracelet

The back of the arm is decorated with a tattoo with the inscription Proof. It is dedicated to his friend, with whom they performed in the group D12. In 2006, Proof was tragically killed by a bullet. This inscription became Eminem’s last tattoo.

Eminem tattoo on the back of a bitch with a friend's name Proof

Right hand

On the back is a tattoo of his daughter’s name, Hailie Jade.

Eminem's tattoo on the back of his right arm with his daughter's name

The forearm is adorned with a portrait of Eminem’s daughter with the phrase Bonnie & Clyde, roses and a picture of the couple’s car. Thus, he shows his love and affection, associating it with the feelings of Boney and Clyde.

Eminem's tattoo with daughter's photo on the forearm

There is a Slit Me tattoo on the wrist, which means “Cut me”. It is complemented by an arrow pointing to the veins. This tattoo serves as a reminder of the fate of loved ones and Eminem’s repeated attempts to commit suicide. He tried to cut the veins, and the direction of the arrow points to the scars, warning and guarding against further mistakes.

Eminem's tattoo on the wrist with the inscription cut me

Eminem also has a tattoo, divided into both arms, D12. This is the abbreviation of the rapper project Dirty Dozen. All members of this group have such an inscription.

Eminem's tattoo on two arms with the name of the group

According to Eminem, he will no longer get tattoos as there is no room for them. Indeed, the rapper has stopped or new images will appear on his body, we will find out later.

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