Future technologies: scientists have created “smart” tattoos

A team of developers from the United States of America and Germany, who are creating the technologies of the future, have managed to develop a revolutionary ultra-thin electronic chip with which anyone can get smart tattoos.

A person will have to press on a certain place on the skin, which will be enough to launch a particular function, for example, turning on a light or a TV.

Such tattoos will be called SkinMarks, according to researchers at the University of Saar in Germany. Experts have previously made various electronic gadgets, but their idea to connect the system to human skin has not been previously put forward by anyone.

According to the information that journalist Georgy Poltavchuk prepared for JoInfoMedia, in order not to accidentally activate the functions, you can program special gestures, and you can change them using your smartphone. SkinMarks is produced in collaboration with Google employees. So far, experts are investigating how harmful the use of such tattoos will be to the skin.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that animal tattoos are gaining popularity in South Korea.

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