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Glucose is the creative pseudonym of Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, who is a famous singer in Russia and Ukraine. She is also a TV presenter, actress, wife and mother of two. Until recently, Glucose did not have a single tattoo. On her birthday, two years ago, she got a tattoo on her arms. This was not her first attempt, the star appeared more than once in a tattoo parlor, but she could not decide on a tattoo. At the age of 27, photos of the Glucose tattoo appeared on the Internet. According to the actress, they have no meaning.


Depicted on the side of the right hand. From the commentary of the actress, it follows that this can mean good luck: “For the star to always burn”

Glucose tattoo on the side of the arm with the image of an asterisk

A heart

The heart on the side of her left hand can symbolize love in her life.

Glucose tattoo on the side of the left arm in the form of a heart

First of all, Glucose tattoos are made as a mark of distinction. It is possible that these are not her last experiments with her body.

The famous master Fuzi UVTPK persuaded the singer to take such a step. The professional told Natalia all the nuances and got rid of fears and doubts. This famous specialist has done tattoos for Scarlett Johansen, Daft Punk and other foreign stars. The French tattoo artist started with graffiti and then transferred his style to wearable images. He ended up in Moscow by chance, having arrived at a master class.

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The Christmas tree tattoo was made by her at the age of 15, simultaneously with shaving her head bald.

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