Group “Dune”: the son of Natalia Senchukova and Viktor Rybin turns 19

The day before the son of famous musicians Viktor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova Vasily celebrated his 19th birthday. In connection with this solemn event, Natalia posted a photo of her son on her Instagram and wrote an accompanying post, says

Congratulations to your son

Natalia outlined her congratulatory words very briefly: “Today is the birthday of our beloved son Vasily[email protected]_r_a1d It has been pleasing us for 19 years. Be healthy and happy dear !!! ” (Spelling and paragraphs preserved by the authors – Ed.).

Photo: instagram / nsenchukova_official

Fan reaction

The fans, of course, did not pass by such an important event, and began to congratulate Vasily along with his stellar mother: “Congratulations !!! I wish you and your son health and happiness. Good luck in everything. ”,“ Congratulations, all the best and the best !!! ”,“ Happy birthday to my son and his beautiful mother, may luck and luck always be there ”,“ A handsome and, it seems, kind boy, to the delight of parents! Happy birthday! “,” He turned out to be a handsome guy! May God grant you all the best! ” (Spelling and paragraphs preserved by the authors – Ed.).

Senchukova Rybin
Photo: instagram / nsenchukova_official

But along with congratulations, those who did not like the guy’s appearance also unsubscribed. So, some thought that only girls should wear long hair, and tattoos are not beautiful.

Photo: instagram / nsenchukova_official

It is known that Vasily himself loves music and karate. He is the only child in the family, although Viktor Rybin still has a daughter from a previous marriage.

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