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Heart tattoo meaning

Values: pain, love, courage, friendship, treason, unity

The heart is an eternal, never aging symbol of love and romance, it is the embodiment of all the living, vitality of a person… Courage, friendship, love, unity, the source of life, sometimes pain and suffering – all of this is also embodied in this ancient and popular symbol. The meaning of a heart tattoo is different for everyone, this is primarily due to the person wearing it and his attitude to such a tattoo. And, of course, it is connected with the way of depicting this symbol, decomposition and context in which the heart is drawn.

Since ancient times, in the cultures of many nations, people have come to the conclusion that the heart is not just an organ for pumping blood through the body. They noticed that feelings and emotions emanate from him. They love with their hearts, they hate them, they rejoice and grieve in their hearts, they make the most courageous decisions.

Today in tattoo art, drawings of a heart with an inscription are often used. An inscription on the heart itself or on a ribbon wrapping around it often indicates the name of a loved one. A classic example is a tattoo with the inscription “MOM” which translates as “mom”. Such tattoos were popular around the world among bikers and sailors in the second half of the twentieth century. And during the Great Patriotic War, the tattoo of the heart reminded the employees of the relatives and friends for whom they were fighting.

The image of the heart is also present in some religions. The Catholic Church annually celebrates the day of the feast of the Sacred Heart of Christ. And the heart with a crown of thorns became a symbol of the suffering and pain that Jesus experienced in atonement for human sins.

A heart with wings means flying over the whole earth in the name of your love. You can often see an image of a broken heart in a tattoo. It is a symbol of lost love, disappointment and suffering because of it. Crammed into the memory of a loved one who cannot be forgotten. Such a tattoo reminds us that there is only one step from life to death and from love to hate.

If a heart is drawn in combination with a sword or arrows, this is undoubtedly a sign of courage and bravery. The tattoo of a noble and brave heart is imbued with motives of the Middle Ages, the time of Christ’s campaigns and knightly exploits.

A heart pierced with a dagger in a tattoo means treason. A heart pierced by an arrow means a painfully pleasant, bittersweet bite of love. The arrow illustrates a directed flow of active energy.

The heart of gold is a symbol of God, a symbol of his awareness as the source of life. A black heart tends to illustrate “darkness of the soul” or great grief. Since 1999, the white heart has become an international symbol of patient care.

As you can see, the meaning of a heart tattoo depends on many factors, primarily on the context and decomposition of the drawing, as well as on the color, and, of course, on the reason for its application by a person and the attitude of the wearer himself to such a tattoo.

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