High growth and lack of long nails: not every girl can become a flight attendant

At first glance, it may seem that work as a flight attendant very easy – walk around the plane, smile, communicate with passengers. But it is not so! Stewardesses have a huge responsibility for the lives and health of others, notes. Not every woman is suitable for this position.

What requirements do you need to meet in order to put on a beautiful uniform and rise into the sky?

Ability to swim

Stewardesses must be able to swim well. If the plane suddenly lands on the water, their duty is not only to sail themselves, but also to help passengers do it.

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Lack of tattoos and piercings

Most airlines require that future flight attendants be free of tattoos and piercings on the visible parts of their bodies.

Jungle survival skills

Many airlines around the world make sure to provide their employees with wildlife survival training in case the plane gets stuck somewhere in impassable forests or tropical jungle.

Good physical form

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The duties of flight attendants include not only a warm welcome on board the aircraft, but also assistance in stowing hand luggage, which requires at least minimal physical strength.

Lack of moles on the face

It sounds strange, but many airlines put forward such a requirement for applicants.

Short nails

It is unacceptable for a flight attendant to have long nails because it is considered unhygienic.

Height and weight

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Women with a height of 158 to 188 centimeters and a weight that will not impede her movement around the aircraft cabin can apply for the position of a flight attendant.

In addition to these requirements, in order to look good, flight attendants have to follow a diet. Earlier we told what are the rules of nutrition are adhered to by these fragile and beautiful airline employees.

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