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Horse tattoo meaning

Values: power, independence, freedom, nobility, tranquility

Today, in the art of tattooing, ancient and modernized images of horses (horses) are increasingly found. The popularity of this symbol is primarily due to its ancient symbolism and the elegant beauty of the image. Now it is impossible to accurately describe in a nutshell the full depth of the meaning of a horse tattoo, because the image of this animal in different cultures had different symbols and associations.

The horse can act in a tattoo as sun or moon symboland also binds to the elements of fire and water

If a tattoo drawing is done in color, then a lot depends on what shade it will be depicted in. Light horses symbolize light, and good forces, black or dark – a symbol of evil and dark energy, pure white – are associated with magic, death and the soul.

The horse is often mentioned and used in tattoos of the famous Celtic culture, where it became a symbol speed and beauty, and has also been associated with natural cycles and life changes… The life of the Celts, like many European tribes, was very closely associated with horses. They even worshiped images of horse gods such as Epona, Mebd of Thar, and Macha of Ulster. In China, the horse attracted attention as a symbol of logic, associated with diligence and strong industriousness. A horse for the Chinese is a heavenly symbol, means south, yang and is considered a good sign. The horse is one of the seven revered symbolic animals of China.

For a man, a horse (stallion) is a good symbol of male fertility, indomitable strength and power. In Christianity, he began to embody nobility and courage… And in the Apocalypse of John the Theologian, four horses symbolized war, epidemic, hunger and death. Saint George the Victorious also kills a serpent on a horse. A lot is also known about horses from the mythology of the ancient Greeks, as well as about their personified images – pegasus and centaur. White horses were harnessed to the solar chariot of the god Phoebus, associated with Poseidon, the god of the sea and earthquakes, the pegasus carried the lightning of Zeus, and the centaurs participated in rituals dedicated to the god of winemaking Dionysus.

In Islam, the image of a horse is uniquely associated with wealth and happiness. In Iranian tradition, the four horses meant rain, wind, cloud and sleet. For the Japanese, a white horse is a frequent manifestation of the goddess of mercy and mercy Bato Kwannon, a black horse is a means of transportation for the rain god.

Among other things, the meaning of a horse tattoo is, of course, freedom, independence and fighting spirit… The hoof print (in Asia) and the horseshoe (in Europe) have become famous symbols of good luck. The horse is a very energetic and strong animal, it is famous for its love of freedom and indefatigability and at the same time remains smart and remains calm.

The horse is kind, loyal and obedient, it can fully convey and express a variety of desires that the wearer wants to translate into a tattoo. Such a drawing is best suited for people who yearn for freedom and achieve their goals, people who do not hesitate to think about high and live the way they want.

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