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How to become a tattoo artist – a complete guide

How to become a tattoo artist and what does it take to become a tattoo artist? Data questions are not easy, but we will try to answer them.

Still, it’s worth starting with the cost and the list of required equipment. Here is a sample list for a tattoo artist:

  • Tattoo machine.
  • Holder.
  • Black and multi-colored paint, high quality.
  • Container for soap solution.
  • Packing of needles, it is advisable to order at least three packs.
  • Paper.
  • Artificial leather for tattooing, all the initial experience will have to be recruited not on a living person.
  • Pedal.
  • 30 small and 30 large caps.
  • 30 rubber bands.
  • Antiseptic, wipes, masks, gloves and other little things.

Do not forget that all these materials are very expensive, but buying low-quality material or a typewriter is unnecessary. Such a set will cost about forty thousand rubles.

But there is also a more budgetary option for a tattoo artist, this set includes:

  • The simplest tattoo is a machine.
  • The cheapest pedal.
  • Inexpensive black and multi-colored paint.
  • The most common bottle for soapy water.
  • 10-15 tattoo needles.
  • Stationery rubber bands
  • Pigskin for tattooing.
  • The most common holder.
  • Two pairs of gloves.
  • Two tubes of Vaseline.
  • Alcohol.
  • Food wrap.

This set consists of less quality material, but it may well come off for an initial experience, as long as you do not get your hands on at least the minimum level. The cost of such a set is about fifteen or twenty thousand rubles, you see, the difference between the first and second set is very significant.

However, after you become more confident in owning a tattoo machine, it is worth changing all cheap and not quite high-quality materials, but safe and more expensive ones. It is also important to understand that becoming a tattoo master is not easy, it is not enough to own a typewriter, it is important to develop styles and have drawing skills… We believe that you will succeed, the main thing is not to give up and go to your goal – boldly.

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