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How to care for a tattoo

Tattoo care rules. After applying a tattoo, each client is interested in the question – how to properly care for a tattoo? And not in vain, because this question is the most important, since not only the subsequent look and “life” of the tattoo depends on it, but also your healthe. No matter how much you would like to show it to friends, relatives, parents, girlfriends, the main thing to understand is that the main task after applying a tattoo is to protect it and prevent bacteria from getting on it

The first hours and the first two weeks after tattooing are the most responsible, you will have to take careful carein order to avoid problems in the future, namely: not to spoil the work of the master, not to harm your health.

It’s not easy to give a 100% answer how many masters – so many tips, because each master has his own material, tools, machines and other means. That is why the recommendations for care may differ, but you should not worry too much about this, because after applying a tattoo on your body, the master will definitely tell you about the care and clarify all the nuances.

Proper protection and care of a fresh tattoo – instruction

Do not touch the tattoo and remove the film during the first 4-5 hours

Finally, your dream has come true, the desired tattoo is full. Now an important moment comes – this is competent and proper care of her. There are several options for protecting a fresh tattoo (after 5 hours have passed):

  1. Before you start leaving, you need wash your hands with soap Only remove the protective film from the tattoo with clean hands.
  2. We wash the tattoo with water and liquid soap, do not rub the tattoo with a brush or washcloth, only with the palm of your hand.
  3. After you nWhen you wash the tattoo, you can gently blot it with a damp cotton swab, and then let the tattoo dry on its own.
  4. After the tattoo is completely dry, on it ointment is appliedIt can be Panthenol or Bepanthenol
  5. After the processing is over, you need to wrap the tattoo with a special film or you can use cling film

This tattoo treatment is done in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Never scratch the tattoo

Proper tattoo care in the early days.

The most important days for healing are the first three days, it is on these days that you need to monitor it more closely. Since at this stage, the healing and restoration of the skin takes place.
At this stage, you should remember:

  1. A thin film appears on the tattoo, which should never be ripped off.
  2. Typically, after the first three days, the film is no longer used.
  3. Do not stop processing the tattoo.
  4. The skin should not dry out.

Tattoo care. Two weeks passed

The tattoo usually heals after two weeks.The healing time depends on the color and size.
There are also restrictions that will help not to harm the tattoo in the first days:

  1. You need as little physical as possible.
  2. Don’t drink alcohol.
  3. Protect tattoo from direct sunlight.
  4. Take only a shower.
  5. Be sure to use a cream or ointment.
  6. Do not sunbathe.
  7. For a while, give up the pool.
  8. Do not visit the sauna or bath.

Proper care will provide you with fast, and most importantly, safe healing, you can avoid damage or removal of the tattoo, do not forget to control the entire healing process, and in which case, contact your master… And only then, without any doubts and fear, after healing, you will be able to show your tattoo to all your girlfriends, friends, relatives and friends. Do not be lazy to follow these simple but very important rules for tattoo care, thanks to them the tattoo will heal not only as soon as possible, but also without any complications.

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