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How to temporarily hide a tattoo

Many guys and girls often have a question – How to hide a tattoo without removing it? on the leg, arm, neck, fingers and other places. Let’s take a look at this. There are situations in life when it is necessary hide tattoo for a short time, for example business meetings, family holidays, impressionable relatives of a girl, there are a lot of reasons and reasons, but how to do it? Let’s figure it out, here two options for disguise:

Option number 1. Temporary tattoo hiding

  1. First you need to degrease the tattoo, for this it is best to apply a primer, this will allow the makeup to last much longer.
  2. On a fat-free tattoo, apply shadows to match the color of the tattoo or paint over with lipstick, orange shadows.
  3. Next, apply a transparent powder.
  4. Then we paint over the tattoo well with a dense concealer.
  5. We apply a foundation that will suit your skin.
  6. Apply the powder again.
  7. We fix all the makeup with a fixing spray.

Done. The tattoo is hidden.

Option number 2. Hiding a tattoo

  1. First you need to prepare your skin well for camouflage, for this you need to exfoliate the skin.
  2. To prevent the skin from being very dry, you need to moisturize it, use a moisturizer.
  3. Apply a primer or concealer to the tattoo.
  4. Apply a foundation that is one tone darker than your skin.
  5. If the tattoo is multi-colored, then you will have to specially choose a foundation, since orange foundation is suitable for darker tattoos, with blue and black colors, and yellow foundation is suitable for lighter tattoos, with yellow, red colors.
  6. Next, we apply the powder to the entire tattoo, without smearing it, but slapping it lightly, this is necessary so that the powder does not shake off and is absorbed into the skin.
  7. Now we select the foundation for your skin color and also apply it to the entire tattoo.
  8. Apply the powder again, preferably transparent
  9. If the tattoo is still noticeable somewhere, you can repeat paragraphs 7 and 8 again
  10. We fix all our disguise with a spray fixer.

Done. Your tattoo is hidden.

Do not forget that such makeup can leave marks on things and does not guarantee 100% masking of the tattoo.
After you no longer need to hide your tattoo, be sure to rinse off your makeup and apply a skin care product.

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