Ireland launches ketchup-flavored ice cream in honor of Ed Sheeran

Ketchup was invented a long time ago and nowadays it is very popular as an addition to main dishes. The popular British musician and actor Ed Sheeran is also very fond of him. And in honor of his arrival in Irish Dublin, local chefs made real exotic ketchup-flavored ice cream, says

Have you tried ketchup ice cream? And the Irish, yes!

Reported by the New York Daily News.

Now everyone who wants to try an unusual novelty will be able to do it at the concert of a popular artist, which will take place in Dublin. For those who come to the concert, the store is ready to treat you with a cone with a scoop of ketchup-flavored ice cream.

Unusual, isn’t it? It is difficult to imagine what this ice cream will taste like … Although … as an option … you can try to freeze the ketchup and … nibble on it.

It is noted that the concert with Ed’s participation is taking place in Dublin from May 16 to 18.

Sheeran is also known to love ketchup so much that he gets a tattoo of the Heinz logo on his body.

Meanwhile, the journalists of JoInfoMedia invite you to find out whether it is true or fiction that the fact that ice cream and cold drinks provoke colds in children is true or myth.

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