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Jake Gyllenhaal’s tattoos

Acting involves shooting in various characters that require significant efforts from the actor and dramatic changes. Temporary tattoos are often used for certain roles. Jake Gyllenhaal has been spotted with tattoos made for films many times. The actor is not going to make permanent ones yet.

The actor approaches each role responsibly. He tries to reincarnate as his hero as much as possible, to understand his feelings and thoughts.

    • In the film “Prisoners”, the actor has an image of a star on his neck. His hero, detective Loki, is a strong believer.

Jadeyka Gyllenhaal tattoo on the neck image of a star

    • In the last film, Lefthander, the actor plays a boxer. For filming, he not only had to work harder on his figure, but also applied several images. Jake Gyllenhaal has a swallow in flight tattoo on his neck, symbolizing the desire for freedom and independence. On the chest, on the arms, on the back and on the neck there are inscriptions and dates that have a personal meaning for the hero, the name of his daughter. Jake Gyllenhaal’s tattoos from the movie “Lefty” create a brutal image of a principled person who defends his values.

Jake Gyllenhaal's swallow in flight tattoo on his neck

Jake Gyllenhaal tattoo on arm with personal inscriptionsJake Gyllenhaal tattoo on the back with personal lettering

Jake Gyllenhaal tattoo on chest with inscriptions and numbers of personal meaning

    • Tattoos on Jake Gyllenhaal’s body were noticed during his performance in the theater.

Jake Gyllenhaal tattoo on hand with beautiful black lettering

The actor is equally serious about all his endeavors. He is equally deeply immersed in work and hobbies, striving everywhere to achieve the best result and bring the matter to perfection.

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