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Jessica Alba’s tattoo

The fashion for tattoos has existed for several years. The reasons for applying images and inscriptions to the body are different for everyone. Someone associates life events with them, someone is trying to change their life or protect themselves, someone imitates an idol. Jessica Alba’s fans use star images as motives for their tattoos. Jessica Alba is a famous Hollywood actress who has 4 tattoos on her body.


On the wrist of the right hand there is an inscription in Sanskrit – “Padma”. Translated into Russian, the word means lotus flower. In the East, the lotus has a deep meaning. Most often, the flower itself is depicted. Depending on its coloring, it takes on a different meaning. In general, it is a symbol of well-being, beauty, smoothness, depth of the soul.

Jessica Alba's tattoo on the right wrist with the inscription lotus

Bow on the tailbone

Photos often show a small black bow on the back. This symbol gives playfulness, zest, hidden beauty.

Jessica Alba's tattoo on the tailbone with the image of a bow

Floral design on the neck

On the neck of the actress are depicted daisy and ladybug in a single composition, made in black and white. The same images are present on the body of her mother and grandmother. The drawing symbolizes the transfer of experience, the use of common knowledge, close family relationships.

Jessica Alba's tattoo on the neck with the image of a daisy and a ladybug

Jessica Alba’s last tattoo was the inscription “NO!” on the fingers of the right hand. The inscription is made in black and, in the opinion of many fans, is associated with inscriptions from places of detention. Such a provocative tattoo speaks of protest, independence from other people’s opinions. The tattoo is easy to hide if desired with massive rings.

Jessica Alba's tattoo on the phalanges of the fingers with the inscription No

Temporary tattoos also appeared on the body of the actress. For example, for the filming of the ACOD movie, the star got a rose bush tattoo on her shoulder.

Jessica Alba's tattoo on the arm with the image of a rose bush

All Jessica Alba’s tattoos are small in size, emphasize her beauty, uniqueness and originality.

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