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Joseph Gilgan’s tattoo

Today our gaze is fixed on the tattoos of Joseph Gilgan, a charismatic actor and a man with an interesting destiny.

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In Russia, Joe is known primarily for his role in the trashy television series Garbage, where he played not even one, but two whole characters (according to the plot, the hero of Gilgan was able to split into two).

Now let’s talk directly about Joseph Gilgan’s tattoos. It is difficult to calculate their exact number. In Waste, Gilgun was one of the few people who didn’t have to draw fake tattoos.

Perhaps, like no one else in the series, he outwardly corresponds to the image of a reckless guy and a riot. Despite the fact that the actor is quite willing to take pictures and talk with journalists, tattoos are also present in places inaccessible to cameras

The thing is that Gilgan with tattoos captures all significant events own life.

After filming in “Waste”, the inscription “23456” appeared on the guy’s chest. The names of the director, producer and filming partners of This England, which marked Gilgan’s breakthrough debut, also adorn his body.

On the one hand, this approach can be considered frivolous, irresponsible and frivolous. Aesthetes and connoisseurs of artistic tattoo will surely consider Joseph’s tattoo as partak.

Nevertheless, all the work on the artist’s body is meaningful. Each tattoo has its own story, evokes emotions and evokes memories. For Gilgan, these are not just pretty pictures, but a real diary, a story of a lifetime.

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Joseph Gilgan's TattoosJoseph Gilgan's tattooGilgan Tattoos

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