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Julia Volkova’s tattoo

Yulia Volkova is a Russian singer known for her scandalous reputation. Her popularity was brought about by her participation in the Tatu group. At the moment, Julia is engaged in a solo career as a singer, participates in various television projects, acts in films. Judging by the photo, Yulia Volkova has five tattoos on her body.

On the back

The singer is decorated with three tattoos on the back:

  1. On the lower back of the star, there is a sign that caused a storm of emotions in the Muslim world and almost reached a scandal in 2003. According to the producers of the group and the singer herself, the sign meant the word “Love”. Julia Volkova did a tattoo from a photo and in the salon the masters did not know the true meaning. It turned out that in translation from Arabic the symbol is translated “Allah”. Muslims were very indignant about such a tattoo.
  2. After the scandalous story, Julia Volkova decided not to take risks anymore and made a tattoo on her back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades in the style of Mokmauri images, which is of no significance.
  3. On her neck, the singer has a drawing with a flower that looks like a rose. The star of the scene did not comment on this image. With a short haircut, the tattoo looked like a ponytail with a flower hairpin.

Tattoo group and their tattoosTattoo on the arm of Yulia Volkova and on the back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades in the style of images of Mokmauri

On the hand

Yulia Volkova has a hieroglyph tattoo on her right shoulder. Translated means “dragon”. This mythical animal symbolizes power, justice, power, flight, the ability to punish, to achieve their goals.

On the foot

On the outside of her left leg, Yulia Volkova made a tattoo with the name of her daughter “Victoria”. The tattoo is made in the Gothic font using the letters of the Latin alphabet.

On the outside of the left leg of Yulia Volkova there is a tattoo with the name of her daughter

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