Meanings of tattoos

Key tattoo meaning

Values: loyalty, mystery, mystery, knowledge

Keys in a tattoo are often found in various forms and with different interpretations, this tattoo is considered very fashionable, new and modern, therefore, in principle, it has no connection with ancient symbolic tattoos, but even the present time can well endow drawings and images with symbolism.

Young people quite often use keys as an element of paired tattoos, thereby giving each other the key to their hearts. Either someone draws a castle for himself, and the second depicts a key to it, or a heart broken in half – a symbol of love, and keys from it tied with ribbons, but to see this drawing in full, the lovers need to join hands. The key tattoo is interesting and versatile, it is done by both men and women, combined with other patterns and floral motifs, it is done in large and small sizes, on all parts of the body. Therefore, the key can be found in all sections, from criminal to intimate tattoos. By the way, in the section of prison tattoos, the meaning of the tattoo is the key to keeping a secret.… Such a tattoo is made, as a rule, in memory of an important event (most often a crime), which no one should ever learn about. The key prevents the wearer from forgetting about the vow of silence, which he took upon himself when applying.

Often today, the meaning of inner freedom, independence, and decision-making is invested in a key tattoo.… Sometimes it is made as a memory of an important discovery or change in the host’s worldview. For girls, the meaning of a tattoo, the key can express innocence and purity, emphasize modesty and timidity.

The keys of the Apostle Peter have been a famous symbol and emblem of the Vatican since the Middle Ages. In antiquity and antiquity, the key almost always embodied secret knowledge or fabulous wealth, but in a tattoo it was used very rarely. For lovers, he became a symbol of loyalty and the value of love itself.

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