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Kristen Stewart tattoos

Young star Kristen Stewart has tattoos only on her arms.

Each wrist of the star is decorated with a tattoo. On the left, four stripes are drawn, on the right – a small symbol of infinity, which the actress applied in the North American city of Nashville.

The four small stripes is the first tattoo of the Twilight star she got on a road trip with her friend Scout Taylor Compton. Driving in early April 2013 in the Texas city of El Paso, the friends dropped into the Sun City Tattoo salon, where Kristen got her first tattoo.

The film actress does not reveal the meaning of the tattoo on her left arm.

There are several opinions on what this tattoo means to Kristen Stewart:

    • four stripes – this is the symbol of the popular punk band Black Flag in the 70s;
    • the number of stripes is equal to the years of the star’s lasted romance with the film actor Robert Pattinson, with whom she was very worried about breaking up.

kristen stewart tattoo on arm

In the same year, traveling in the summer through the states with his friends, Kristen got himself a second tattoo, only on the other wrist. The drawing is located quite close to the palm. It is worth noting that the other four friends also got the same tattoo as Stewart at the Pride & Glor salon.

Kristen Stewart Tattoo On Wrist Infinity

The star decided to make a third tattoo for herself after the filming of the film “Clouds of Sils-Maria”, where her heroine had a tattoo on her right forearm in the form of a light bulb from the painting of the famous Spanish artist Picasso “Guernica”. Kristen notes that during the filming she got used to her very much, so after the filming she decided to get a real tattoo.

kristen stewart tattoo on arm

The meaning that the founder of Cubism himself put into this drawing is interesting. The tattoo depicts a light bulb, which in his painting the artist assigned the place of a symbol of modern progress in science and technology, which is very closely associated with the development of society. In parallel with this, the light bulb carries the image of a bomb – a mass destruction weapon used in world conflicts and wars.

The artist used the image of a light bulb to remind humanity that God observes everything and sees everything. This picture is a spiritual protest against war and violence. Perhaps the role of the heroine Kristen Stewart echoes the questions raised by the great artist, thereby giving a special meaning to the tattoo?

The fourth star tattoo appeared at the end of 2014. The star has not yet revealed its meaning, like her friend Alicia Kargile, who has exactly the same tattoo.

Kristen Stewart Tattoo On Arm Small

Kristen Stewart grew up in a family whose members love to paint their bodies. Most likely, new tattoos should be expected from the “Twilight” star in the future.

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