Lena Headey is proud of her appearance: the actress shamed fans condemning her wrinkles

The famous British actress Lena Headey very often publishes photos on her microblog on Instagram without filters and photoshop, in which she appears completely without makeup. The star is proud of her appearance, on which her whole life is imprinted, and does not allow others to condemn her, reports

Lena Headey showed her “true” face

A new photo has appeared in the account of the 44-year-old performer of the role of Cersei Lannister in “Game of Thrones”. In the photo, the beautiful brown-haired woman appeared completely without makeup. She also did not use any add-ons to process the photo.

The actress is not shy about imperfections on her skin – no wrinkles, no redness, no flabbiness – nothing. This is what her post was dedicated to, which she wanted to shame the haters who talk about her ugliness.

“For those who can afford to tell me that I look emaciated, 100 years old, that my beauty is fading … that I look tired / devastated (you are right !!!! Parenthood takes my beauty all day long)”, – the actress began …

Lena Headey emphasized that she loves everything that is reflected on her face. She has lived a turbulent and eventful life with ups and downs – and all these stories are told by her eyes and face.

“THIS IS ME. I love the experience that is displayed on my face. My eyes can tell a thousand stories,” – said the actress.

Headey also added, “Get used to this face, folks, as it gets older and more real.”

Lena Headey’s stormy personal life

As the saying goes, “unlucky in cards, lucky in love.” But in the case of the British actress, the opposite is true. She is very successful in acting and theatrical activities, but she is completely unlucky in relationships with men.

For nine years she met with Jason Fleming, to whom she even dedicated a tattoo. After she married musician Peter Lowran, who was younger than her. In six years of marriage, they had a son, Wylie.

After a divorce from a musician who tried to sue her for a multimillion-dollar fortune, the actress met Dan Kadan. In this relationship, the girl Teddy was born. The star has been dating the 43-year-old film actor for three years. But the wedding has not yet been announced.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the release of the new season of “Game of Thrones” will be postponed. However, there is an important reason why this is unlikely to happen.

Photo: Instagram iamlenaheadey

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