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Let’s talk about partak. What is a partak?

Tattoo Partak – this is unsuccessful tattoo, which was done, as a rule, by an inexperienced artist for a low price… You need to understand what quality of a tattoo with such conditions you will get in the end.

The main and most common reasons for the appearance of partak:

  1. The master does not use a professional typewriter or equipment.
  2. Makes a tattoo a beginner master or a master with very low qualifications.
  3. Master uses not high quality material (dye / paint).

That is why, it is important to choose the right tattoo parlor and master, do not go to dubious salons without any portfolio.

Now let’s talk in more detail about the difference between a tattoo and a partak.

The most the first the difference lies in quality. The partak does not have a specific style, most of all the partak resembles a drawing of a small child, which was applied to the body. Real tthe attenuation will be done with high quality, in a certain style (there are a lot of them).

Second the difference lies in the fact that the partak does not decorate the body, but, on the contrary, only spoils the overall picture, such a “drawing” is best to interrupt or reduce. A real tattoo not only decorates, but emphasizes your body or character dignity.

Third the difference is that the partak has no artistic technique, such an image, as a rule, is not finished, you have to hide it under your clothes all the time. While how a quality tattoo has its own special art style and it is absolutely not a pity to show it to the people around you.

How to get rid of the partak?

At home, you cannot remove or shine it in any way, only an experienced master can help you in this matter., if you try to remove it yourself, then there is a high probability of severely damaging the skin, for example, leaving a scar or burn. While an experienced craftsman will be able to cover your desk with a more beautiful pattern or reduce with a laser… Thanks to the laser, the pigment of the partak will be destroyed and it will soon become light. BUT thanks to the overlap of the part, it will no longer be visible, you can choose absolutely any style of a new tattoo.

Eventually we can say that you should not chase something cheap in this matter, because a tattoo is for life, which is why it is important to choose a good salon and find an experienced master, and not try to fill a drawing in a dubious place, which later will have to be hidden or reduced.

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