Lionel Messi showed a new tattoo: the kiss of the wife of a football player

30-year-old Argentine Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi got a new tattoo. For a long time he did not show the fans the essence of the underwear pattern, but now it is known that the football star filled the groin with an imprint of his wife’s red lipstick, reports

Back in August, Lionel Messi showed a photo in which the edge of the tattoo is visible from under the elastic of his shorts, before that it was not visible in the pictures. So this is new! The fans were interested, but Messi did not admit what he had filled himself.

Showed a tattoo

After the match “Barcelona” – “Espanyol”, in which the famous football player Lionel Messi scored three goals into the opponents’ goal, after the match he boasted a new tattoo. Indeed, the outlines of the lips are clearly visible, like a trace of red lipstick.

Undoubtedly, the footballer made his body drawing as a sign of love for his wife Antonella Rokuzzo. Note that after 20 years of dating, the couple got married this summer.

Earlier we reported that Lionel Messi showed good nature to the young fan, which is very rarely done by world famous celebrities. The footballer was photographed with a boy who was not allowed near the athlete by the guards.

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