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Lionel Messi tattoo

Lionel Messi is a legendary footballer of our time who has received countless awards. He plays for the Spanish football club Barcelona and is the captain of the Argentina national team. He is the idol of millions not only at home and in Spain, but all over the world. Many fans imitate him, taking Lionel Messi’s tattoos as the basis of their tattoos. The footballer trusts his body to Roberto Lopez, who creates real masterpieces on the skin. The Barcelona striker has 5 tattoos in total.

On the back

On the left shoulder blade is a portrait of Lionel’s grandmother. She always occupied a special place in his life. Thanks to her, he began to play football and therefore devotes all his goals to her memory. This tattoo was the first one made by an athlete. The well-known movement after scored goals with raised index fingers is a gesture for grandmother that this is in honor of her.

Lionel Messi tattoo on the back with a portrait of his grandmother

On the foot

The athlete’s left leg is decorated with two tattoos.

    1. Lionel’s second tattoo was the image of the little hands of his son and the name of Thiago. The main image was taken in early 2013. Later it was refined: wings and a heart appeared around the name. Thus, the football player shows his love for the firstborn and his association with an angel.

Lionel Messi tattoo on the leg with the image of baby hands with heart and wings

  1. A composition dedicated to football is depicted on the lower leg. It includes a soccer ball, his number 10, and a sword with a rose. The tattoo symbolizes danger, attack in football. It poses a threat to rivals. According to many fans, the tattoo is too easy for the main striker. It was made at the end of 2014.

Lionel Messi tattoo on the leg with the image of a ball number and a sword with a rose

On the hand

Lionel Messi has two tattoos on his right hand.

    1. The shoulder of a football player is adorned with the image of Jesus. The face reflects his piety, faith. He says that God is inside him, gratitude for all the victories and accomplishments, the family. Drawn in early 2015.

Lionel Messi tattoo on the arm with the image of the face of Jesus Christ

Lionel Messi tattoo on the leg with the image of the theme dedicated to football

  1. The most recent tattoo, made in March, is a composition on the arm dedicated to the Sagrada Familia, located in Barcelona. It is the motives of the architecture of its dome that adorn the elbow of the football player. Also in the composition there is a cross, a stained glass window. The clock speaks of the running time. The lotus flower has many meanings, which are divided according to the color. Messi chose a pink color that speaks of divinity. Other colors: white symbolizes spiritual perfection, red – love, purity of heart, blue speaks of wisdom and great knowledge.

Lionel Messi tattoo on the elbow with the image of the Sagrada Familia Lionel Messi tattoo on the hand with the image of a lotus

According to the tattoo artist, Lionel always comes up with subjects for tattoos himself and describes them in sufficient detail.

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