Mandy Moore Receives a Star on the Walk of Fame: Fascinating Facts from the Life of the Actress “A Walk to Love”

Released in 2016, NBC’s new drama This Is Us went viral. Part of the success is due to the performance of Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia. The 34-year-old actress is no stranger to television – she has been featured in projects such as Red Bracelets, Grey’s Anatomy, A Walk to Love and How to Become a Princess. It was decided to celebrate the star’s achievements in cinema on the Walk of Fame, reports.

On Monday, March 25th, Mandy Moore’s star will be unveiled on the Walk of Fame, which features the names of many great celebrities – including Pink, who recently celebrated her new achievement.

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In honor of such an event, we invite you to find out some interesting facts about the actress.

Winner of the award

Mandy Moore has received several awards for her acting career that began in 2000. She has received four Teen Choice Awards, three of which were in 2002 for her performance in A Walk to Love.

The actress also received two Young Actor awards and an MTV Movie Award. And she was nominated for the Audience Choice Award for her role in the TV series This Is Us.

Fashion designer

In 2005, Mandy tried herself in fashion design. The actress decided to provide a wider choice for tall women. This is inspired by her own problem, as the star is 177 centimeters tall. Her firm closed in 2009.

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Toured with boy bands

Moore began her career in music in 1999. She released her first hit at the age of 15 when a messenger heard her sing and sent her tape to a friend at the record company. She soon toured with two successful bands, The Backstreet Boys and N Sync.

Fighting depression

Despite the fact that the actress looks very bright and positive, she suffered from mental problems. In 2007, breaking up with the star of the TV series “Clinic” Zach Braff was not easy for her.

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Unusual tattoo

Moore has a spicy tattoo on her leg – a tadpole that seems to float down her ankle.

Photo: Castmag

Rihanna song cover

When Rihanna performed the hit Umbrella in the summer of 2007, Mandy was so delighted that she could not resist and recorded her own version of the composition.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is full of celebrity names. But as is the case with the Oscars, not all famous artists are awarded their own stars. Who are these losers?

Main photo: Instagram mandymooremm

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