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Maple leaf tattoo meaning

Values: loyalty, love, fortitude, peace, kindness, invincibility

The maple leaf is a famous symbol of Canada, it is depicted on the flag, and the inhabitants of this country often apply drawings and tattoos of this leaf to themselves, as a sign of patriotism and loyalty to their land. The red maple leaf, which has eleven endings, is a symbol of national freedom, a symbol of all the inhabitants of Canada and the armed forces, therefore such a patriotic tattoo is often found in the Canadian military. Also, the maple leaf is painted on the emblems of government agencies and Canadian coins. And by the end of the twentieth century, he also became a symbol of peace and goodness

In Asia, in particular in Japan and China, the maple leaf was a symbol of all lovers; it could often be found engraved on the beds of the ancient inhabitants of these countries. The maple tree itself is very strong and persistent, it is not afraid of cold weather and winds, therefore it can become a symbol fortitude, indestructible spirit or body… Maple and the maple leaf were also found in the tattoo and applied arts of the ancient Celts, for them maple was a symbol of the struggle for your “I”, betrayed strength to overcome obstacles and victories in battle.

For our ancestors of the Slavs, maple was also a difficult, sacred tree. In Slavic legends, a popular plot was the transformation of a person into sycamore (as they called maple). Serbian legends say that if an offended or unhappy person touches a maple in the spring, it will dry up; if a righteous, innocently condemned person touches it, the maple will be covered with green leaves. In Poland, the maple leaf was an attribute of those who had gone to another world, it was believed that the maple tree, from which the coffin was made, could drive the devil away from the souls of the dead.

For women, maple leaf tattoo symbolizes a young man, slender and rebellious… And if you believe the traditions of the Germans, the maple symbolizes the beauty of life. In Ukraine, fallen maple leaves were an omen of parting with loved ones.

Even in the modern view, maple is a symbol of autumn and sadness, associated with the taming of earthly passions. In prisoner tattoos, the maple leaf is most often applied to novice criminals. Among other things, the maple leaf is very often used in a pair of tattoo of lovers, where it is an oath of love and fidelity. The very abbreviation “MAPLE” means “I swear to love her (him) forever.”

Whatever the meaning of the maple leaf tattoo for each individual depends directly on what goals the wearer pursues and what meaning he puts into the tattoo.

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