Maria Konchalovskaya was criticized because of the tattoo on her arms: Lyubov Tolkalina stood up for her daughter

At the Moscow International Film Festival 2021, actress Lyubov Tolkalina and Maria Konchalovskaya appeared in stylish black outfits. If the costume of Lyubov Nikolaevna caused the approval of the fans, then the dress with her daughter’s open arms was criticized by the fans. The reason for the condemnation was the girl’s tattoos, but the actress stood up for her daughter, reports.

Lyubov Tolkalina’s position on Maria’s tattoos

Photo of Lyubov and Maria, which caused condemnation of fans

At the festival, Lyubov and Maria shone in elegant black outfits. However, the subscribers of the actress said in the comments under the photo that they do not understand why the daughter of the artist “ruined her hands”. Someone even called the drawings on Masha’s body “blue” and “stigma”.

Maria Konchalovskaya

Lyubov Tolkalina is not only a talented actress, but also, first of all, a mother, and therefore she decided that she had the right to speak out in defense of her daughter. The celebrity thanked everyone for their opinion, but later clarified that neither she nor her daughter asked for advice and comments about their appearance.

The artist also admitted that she likes tattoos, and she admires those people who decided to put ink drawing on their body. The star tried to explain that everyone has different tastes, and it is foolish to require that a complete outsider meet your personal standards.

Lyubov Tolkalina with her daughter

Fortunately, most of the actress’s subscribers supported her. The fans reassured Lyubov Nikolaevna, and said that she was absolutely right.

Some fans of the star even complained that the concept of “personal boundaries” will not soon take root in society, and therefore it is worth putting up with people who leave tactless comments and just stop paying attention to them.

Earlier we wrote that fans also criticized another star who appeared at MIFF-2021. Fans of Zhanna Aguzarova said that the singer became unrecognizable and lost her individuality.

Photo: Instagram @welcometomaria

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