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Mark Bogatyrev’s tattoo

The young talented Russian actor gained wide popularity thanks to his filming in the TV series “Kitchen”. He actively acts in film and plays in the theater. Fans carefully study everything related to the idol, wanting to know his biography or copy the actor.


It is known that Mark Bogatyrev made three tattoos.

    1. The international sign of viral (biological) danger is depicted on the wrist of the right hand. The meaning of this tattoo is unknown.

Mark Bogatyrev with a tattoo on his right wrist with an international viral danger sign

    1. Mark Bogatyrev has a Wyget tattoo on his left wrist. This mark is known as the image of the left eye of the god Horus, which was knocked out during the fight. The ancient Egyptians symbolized it with the Moon and its phases. The eye was used in Egyptian writing and arithmetic. Embodying the divine law and order, he is called upon to protect.

Mark Bogatyrev with two wrist tattoosWyget's tattoo

    1. It is known that Mark Bogatyrev has a Yin and Yang tattoo on his back between his shoulder blades. This ancient Chinese symbol reflects the unity of opposites, the denial of the possibility of their existence without each other. Often symbolizes a man and a woman. Carries the concept of harmony, balance. The Chinese used it in medicine. Similar concepts are found in the philosophy of other peoples.

Yin and Yang symbol

Mark Bogatyrev does not flaunt his tattoos, so they are rarely seen in the photo. Each of them carries an individual meaning for the actor, is designed to protect, protect, bring harmony and tranquility into life, and help.

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