Meanings of tattoos

Meaning of tattoo cards

Values: luck, excitement, blasphemy, sin, respect

When it comes to playing cards, their symbolism is saturated with both positive and negative interpretations. In theory, all the symbols for modern playing cards were taken from the famous Tarot cards, but about them later.

On the one hand, a card for gambling is a harmless and attractive thing, but on the other, all the signs and suits on the cards mean and symbolize something.

The value of a tattoo of a card can directly depend on the value of each of the suits of playing cards. The very interpretation of the division according to the suits of playing cards gives us, oddly enough, the Christian religion. She primarily perceives the cards as a symbol of blasphemy and disrespect for the suffering death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The fact is that playing cards familiar to us are directly related to the Passion of Christ. And the suit of the peak is a symbolic designation of the black spear, which pierced the ribs of the Savior, the tambourine is the shape of the nails with which He arrived, the cross is the symbol of the cross on which Jesus was crucified, and the heart, as it turned out, denotes a sponge with an oset, which was brought to Him so that soften the pain.

So before you get yourself tattooed with playing cards, think for yourself and decide if such a tattoo will harm you. Although critics have long tried to prove the unreliability of such an interpretation and to justify the harmlessness of playing cards, the truth remains true. Therefore, it is no accident in the art of the Renaissance and Baroque cards were often an allegorical depiction of sin, in all its manifestations

The tattoo of the card found its separate meaning in places of confinement, where people probably rarely remember sin. In general, the cards are filled by prisoners and gamblers, that is, people who respect the laws of cards: “Win – get it, lose – pay!” Also, the meaning of tattoo cards is often broken down by suits and card hierarchy. So a cross means a thief in law, a club is an attribute of an authoritative thief, a heart is a sign of the lowered and blue, a tambourine is a symbol of swindlers and jesters. But the exact meaning may depend on the context and location of the tattoo cards. For example, a cross king can be applied only after long years of imprisonment and with great authority to bring his own people, the king embodies power and respect. A lady of any suit denotes a woman who is loved or hated.

Modern people often neglect the interpretation of these symbols, accepting cards as a symbol of good luck and passion… But everyone has to make their own personal decision and determine their own attitude towards the ancient and modern maps.

It is relatively rare to find a tattoo of one or more of the Tarot cards, but the meaning of these drawings directly depends on which cards are depicted. After all, there are a lot of varieties and variations of cards and for each person they can mean completely different things.

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