New beauty trend: tattoos with a smell by a French artist

Smelling tattoos are a new beauty trend that seems to be gaining ground in the wearable fashion world. The author of the idea is an artist from France named Vincente Gennaro, tells

Smelling tattoos

Blue hydrangea, rosemary, sage, pink and blue peony, eucalyptus or thyme – this is how tattoos can smell. Are you surprised? And this is the real reality – drawings on the body with the addition of essential oils.

They smell as good as they look, and therefore many girls have already dared to decorate their bodies not only with the image of the plant, but also with its aroma.

Temporary design tattoos by French artist Vincente Gennaro are non-toxic and completely harmless to health. They last up to 4 days on the skin and exude a divine scent. The master recommends placing them on clean areas of the body where there are no skin folds.

The cost of such beauty is relatively low. The price for a set of two tattoos is $ 6, and for eight designs you will have to pay $ 16. But is money really important when it comes to beauty and unique individuality!

Many girls are afraid to get tattoos, fearing that they will lose their aesthetic appearance by old age. No cause for concern! The 56-year-old model showed what became of the drawings on her body, made several decades ago.

Photo: Instagram @tattly

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